Sigma designs extraordinary lenses for the most demanding photographers. The Art, Sports and Contemporary lenses  represent three premium product lines honed from years of research, development and innovation.

The Sigma Art line of lenses are known for focal plane sharpness, and even, wide open bokeh rendered via rounded aperture blades. Advanced optical formulas employ low-dispersion elements and lens coatings to minimise aberration.

Sigma Sports lenses are built to deliver outstanding images in the harshest conditions. Weather sealing and ruggedised builds keep hardworking photographers clicking whatever the forecast.

The Sigma Contemporary lenses pair performance and portability. This line consists of full-frame super-telephoto zooms to compact mirrorless fast-aperture primes. Some Contemporary lenses are the mirrorless DC DN F1.4 Prime Trio, the 100-400mm and the 150-600mm.

Sigma builds lenses for a variety of formats, including full-frame, APS-C and mirrorless camera systems and lens mounts, including Sony, Nikon, Canon and Sigma. Features such as 100% optical testing and the exclusive lens customization via the USB Dock are the hallmarks of a Sigma lens.